Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Conferences

I am available for speaking engagements (in person and virtual), to lead seminars, give one-day classes, and to do a talk or moderate a panel at conferences. I don’t have a fixed home location at the moment, and I am willing to travel to in-person engagements or arrange them for when I’m local.

To send an invitation to speak, please use this contact form.

Previous Talks, Presentations, and Seminars

Space Coast Authors of Romance, February 2016: The Author and The Other: How To Avoid Epic Fail

New College of Florida Black History Month 2016: African American Read-in (my reading and talk begins at 1:01).

Barnard Center for Research on Women Scholar & Feminist Conference 2013: Utopia – Utopia and Literature seminar

WisCon Feminist Science Fiction Convention, 2005 – Present: Moderator and Panel Participant | Panels Submitted & Run

Readercon Convention, 2009 – Present: Moderator and Panel Participant

General Topics I Can Speak To

  • Writing Inclusive Fiction
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature
  • Writing and Technology
  • Diverse Fiction
  • African Americans and SFF
  • Online Activism
  • My Fiction

Prepared Talks

The Author and The Other: How To Avoid Epic Fail (Or Fail Gracefully If You Can’t)

There are many ways to commit Epic Fail as an author, but one way that will get you set upon by the Internet with a quickness is creating characters or plots that turn out to be offensive stereotypes. It is possible to write characters that are very different from you and avoid RaceFail, LGBTFail, GenderFail, or any other identity-based Fail. It takes effort and following a few basic guidelines. Still, no writer is perfect, and there will be times when you still Fail. How do you avoid living in Internet infamy when it happens?


In-Person Speaking Engagements — Starting at $500 + travel and expenses

This is negotiable and varies depending on the type of event, time commitment, and other specifics.

Virtual Presentations or Q&A Sessions — Starting at $100/hour

Seminars & Conferences — Negotiable

Please let me know your usual honorarium amount when you send the request.