3 thoughts on “As Promised…

  1. See, the problem with Heroes after season 1 is that they’re choosing the wrong X-men plots to ripoff. Season 1 was Days of Future Past on fucking steroids, man. Fantastic. Season 2 was like a really wimpy X-Cutioner’s Song without most of the important characters, with an emo Hellfire Club thrown in.

    Since it’s always been clear that Heroes is basically an X-Men pastiche with no costumes or codenames, they might as well just go ahead and do The Fall of the Mutants, E is for Extinction, Imperial, or Phalanx Covenant, any of which would be a better fit for the series. Or hell, even Age of Apocalypse if we must keep doing the time travel/alternate future shtick.

  2. Sooo… for someone who’s only seen the first episode, is it worth even starting Heroes or should I give up before I have a chance to be disappointed?

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