New Suns 2

Featuring my original short story “The Farmer’s Wife and the Faerie Queen

New Suns 2 edited by Nisi Shawl

cover of New Suns 2: More Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color
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Octavia E. Butler said, “There’s nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns.”

New Suns 2 brings you fresh visions of the strange, the unexpected, the shocking—breakthrough stories, stories shining with emerging truths, stories that pierce stale preconceptions with their beauty and bravery. Like the first New Suns anthology (winner of the World Fantasy, Locus, IGNYTE, and British Fantasy awards), this book liberates writers of many races to tell us tales no one has ever told.

Many things come in twos: dualities, binaries, halves, and alternates. Twos are found throughout New Suns 2, in eighteen science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories revealing daring futures, hidden pasts, and present-day worlds filled with unmapped wonders.

This fabulous anthology is edited by Nisi Shawl, who has also edited Bloodchildren: Stories by the Octavia E. Butler Scholars and WisCon Chronicles 5: Writing and Racial Identity. They co-edited the anthologies Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany; and Strange Matings: Science Fiction, Feminism, African American Voices, and Octavia E. Butler. They wrote the 2016 Nebula finalist Everfair, and the 2008 Otherwise Award-winning collection Filter House. In 2005 they co-wrote Writing the Other: A Practical Approach, the standard text on inclusive representation in the imaginative genres.

Praise for New Suns 2

“Almost every story in the collection punches above its weight. In these pages you’ll encounter giant owls, self-aware space probes, and a magical house that is endless and has a mind of its own. Some of genre’s most exciting new authors are represented here, including Darcie Little Badger, Nghi Vo and Saad Hossain. An anthology of stories by multiple authors can sometimes leave you wanting more of some voices, and less of others, but “New Suns 2” offers a composite picture of the best work being done in genre fiction right now.” –Charlie Jane Anders, The Washington Post

Full Table of Contents

  • Foreword — Walter Mosley
  • Ocasta — Daniel H. Wilson
  • The Farmer’s Wife and the Faerie Queen — K. Tempest Bradford
  • Juan — Darcie Little Badger
  • Neti-Neti — Geetanjali Vandemark
  • Equal Forces Opposed in Exquisite Tension — John Chu
  • Silk and Cotton and Linen and Blood — Nghi Vo
  • Suppertime  — Tananarive Due
  • Good Night Gracie — Alex Jennings
  • A Borrowing of Bones — Karin Lowachee
  • Chosen — Saad Hossain
  • Home Is Where the Heart Is — Hiromi Goto
  • Before the Glory of their Majesties — Minsoo Kang
  • Haunted Bodies of WombMen — Tlotlo Tsamaase
  • Dragons of Yuta — Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
  • The Plant and the Purist — Malka Older
  • The Fast Enough Human — Kathleen Alcalá
  • Counting Her Petals — Christopher Caldwell
  • Fever Dreams — Jaymee Goh
  • Afterword — Grace Dillon

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