Sunspot Jungle vol 1

Featuring a reprint of my short story “The Copper Scarab

Sunspot Jungle: The Ever Expanding Universe of Fantasy and Science Fiction, vol 1 edited by Bill Campbell

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In celebration of Rosarium’s fifth anniversary, publisher Bill Campbell has collected a two-volume collection of 100 science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories from around the world. Like space and the future, Sunspot Jungle has no boundaries and celebrates the wide varieties and possibilities that this genre represents with some of the most notable names in the field.

Praise for The Copper Scarab

“Amatashteret is a bold, intelligent, fierce woman bent on restoring balance and tradition to the rule of Khemet (Egypt). [The story is] a stirring end to this collection.”
—Byron, Goodreads

“I was super excited to read [this story] and it did not disappoint… it’s totally and completely unconnected to Anglo Steampunk in any way. This is purely a completely Egyptian steampunk and it’s gorgeous.”
Bluestocking, The Steampunk Dollhouse

Praise for Sunspot Jungle

“Campbell’s editorial skills are on display in this wide-ranging anthology as he seamlessly connects stories from Lebanon, Senegal, Canada, and Ethiopia through shared imagery, and arranges steampunk adventures, near-future techno-thrillers, and fairy tales to smoothly transition between genres. … This comprehensive survey of contemporary speculative fiction is ideal for readers exploring their tastes and anyone looking to get a feel for the impressive breadth of genre storytelling today.”

“Both volumes… offer a lot to consider and enjoy. Though at times the anthology can feel a bit too expansive… and the themes and genres too disparate, editor Bill Campbell does an excellent job of organizing stories so that there is a natural flow between each. Anyone looking for a good sample of contemporary speculative fiction, and wanting to expand their experience of the genre will benefit from having either one or both anthologies on their shelf.”
—Cynthia C. Scott, Strange Horizons

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The Copper Scarab was previously published in:

Clockwork Cairo: Steampunk Tales of Egypt edited by Matthew Bright | Your Local Indie | Powell’s Books | Amazon | B&N

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