Cranky Old Person on SF/Sci-Fi

I knew it! Only cranky old people would ever prefer SF to Sci-Fi! See? Change is good, people. Embrace ittttttt.

(In case you’re not aware, the post behind that link is meant to be funny. But I’m as welling as he is to engage in smart-alec young person vs. crotchety old person, RUMBLE!!!)

8 thoughts on “Cranky Old Person on SF/Sci-Fi

  1. At 44, I’m too old for shibboleths. Call it anything but SyFy as long as you’re paying attention!

  2. Also cranky and old, and really tired of “fandom” and its myths of inclusiveness, friendliness and willingness to embrace women. Not my experience in general (aside from a few particularly lovely people, and Wiscon). And SF, sci-fi or sci fi? I don’t care, and I don’t care for the people who do. But then I’m one of those people for whom the word “fandom” signifies “a group of like minded people who share appreciation (and usually fanfiction) of a particular fictional universe” So I consider myself a member of several fandoms – Sentinel, SGA for example – and have given up trying to relate to the “fandom” that consists of people who go to conventions. Crankily yours,

  3. Hey, I’m 50 and I’ve always considered it a shibboleth, and a silly one. It’s a marker of membership in a community, and a community that asyouknowbob does not represent the whole of the SFF-reading audience.

    Sorry not to be witty and satirical; I am a Cranky Old Tired Coot this morning.

  4. I am a cranky old person who prefers “SF,” but I’ve been telling my fellow cranky old persons that the ware ended long ago and we lost.

  5. This explains what happened at the dinner table last night. A young whippersnapper said “Well, science fiction isn’t really known for quality writing.” I responded, “Actually, much of it is,” and proceeded to enlighten the gathering regarding Sturgeon’s Law (the second).

    I am officially a cranky old person.

  6. That was well done enough that, even with your warning, I was a sentence away from not being sure it was a joke vs real OCD.

    Looks like none of the comments have grasped it either.

      1. Nope, requiring someone include a hyphen or leave the genre really has nothing to do with age, but does seems pretty obsessive/compulsive.

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