Dear CSI (of any flavor)

Dear CSI (of any flavor)

Something you seem unable to grasp:

You Are Not A Soap Opera

Seriously. We don’t care if one CSI is cheating on another and we don’t appreciate the return of the Black Man As Addict storyline and, honestly, we really don’t need to know that much about the lives of the CSIs. That’s not why we watch. Sure, it’s great when you see that two people who are into each other hook up, but then that’s all we need to know. No more info needed, thanks. No drama required. We’re watching your tiresome shows for the hot forensics action and because we enjoy crime shows and puzzle solving. If we want relationship drama we’ll catch the replay of today’s All My Children. At least there we’ll find some more black people.

Once again: CSI =/= Soap Opera. Put it in a memo and send it to Gary, David, and William ASAP.

4 thoughts on “Dear CSI (of any flavor)

    1. Can’t we just beat the hell out of Gary, David and William? Because without them there’s no show. Well, I would assume. It would be awesome if we beat them up an then the second-in-command ladies were all in charge! CSI Team Estrogen!

      Barring that, yeah, I suppose we should tell Carol and Ann, too.

  1. I read this too quickly and thought you were ranting about CSI not being a Space Opera and then I found myself wishing for that instead. *wants CSI:Tranquility Base*

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