Electric Velocipede 17/18 Cover

On the heels of the stunning Federations cover comes this from the next issue of Electric Velocipede:

Electric Velocipede 17-18

(click to embiggen)

Isn’t it lovely? Also, I must point out that I’m sharing a TOC with fellow Altered Fluidians Mercurio D. Rivera and Matthew Kressel.  Also of note: Richard Bowes, Yoon Ha Lee, and Caroline Yoachim.

Yes, I do see Will Shetterly, too. I am trying to pretend he is not there.

There are plenty of fabulous writers in this issue and you must buy it.  You know you want to.  If you don’t buy and read it, well…

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  1. He really is a fun guy if you don’t know what he’s like when race comes up…


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