Exercise and Work

I blame Scalzi for this.

At the end of that post about how unhealthy life is for bloggers (we’re all gonna DIE) he mentioned giving them all stationary exercise bikes with laptop desks so they could do cardio while trolling the Internet. That sent me off looking to see if such things existed, because considering how many people spend all day at a computer, it seems like it should. It does. But the company doesn’t seem to get a lot of business. I suspect it has something to do with that website. You cannot convince geeks to buy your stuff if your website isn’t sleek.

Also, the workstation is out of stock. But, I thought, I have a laptop desk — one like this — why not just buy a recumbent bike? Then I can roll the desk over to me and be in business. I started researching and found several that might work. I’m partial to this one because it has less to get in the way of my desk. But this one is cheaper.

Then there is this thing, which is meant to go under a desk and is much more portable/storable. Another version of it, with less hardware. I haven’t the slightest clue if it’s any good or what makes a good exercise bike. Anyone want to enlighten me?

I can’t afford most of them, honestly. And I wish I could try them out to see if they worked. Still, it would be peachy keen to exercise while I do computer stuff. Might even get me geared up to actually venture out into the sun.

Anyway, as my birthday is coming up, I will ask folks, if they are so inclined, to contribute toward getting such a beast. If you would like to, there’s a little button on the sidebar of my site which will exist there until the end of April.