I can’t stop crying

I remember hearing him speak for the first time at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.  I remember what everyone said at the time: That man is going to be our first black president.  I remember when this election cycle started (way too damn early) and people created a movement to recruit Obama and encourage him to run.  I remember thinking it would be some nice practice for him, to get in the game and maybe do a primay or two.  I remember thinking, as it became clear that this wasn’t just going to be a passing fancy, that he could not win because he’s black.  I remember bracing myself for the wave of stupid that was sure to accompany this campaign.  I remember a growing sense that maybe maybe maybe this could actually happen.  I emember waking up one day and realizing that I wanted it badly.  I didn’t just want it to not be McCain or any other Republican, I wanted it to be Obama.  I remember hearing it said over and over on the television, that he had won, and not registering it right away.  Because I just knew that it would be weeks and weeks.  But it really happened.  Really really.  It’s done.

10 thoughts on “I can’t stop crying

  1. I honestly didn’t think it would happen. I’d gotten so jaded, so tired, that I didn’t dare believe. I voted and volunteered but with no real sense of hope. My God. I’m so incredibly glad to be wrong.

  2. OMG, it’s happened. It’s really happened! Break out the bubbly, honey, cuz our world just changed for the better! I am so ecstatically happy, crying with joy, that finally, FINALLY, we can believe in our country and have hope again.

    Thank God, whichever one/ones/expression you happen to believe in.
    – D

  3. Listening to Obama’s speech, I am weeping with the realization that I have been waiting my entire life to hear an American president articulate the sorts of thoughts about our country and our world that I might actually be having myself.

  4. He made it, he fuckin’ made it, and I cannot express how PROUD I am to be one of the three states that pushed his numbers over that critical edge!

    Yes We DID!!!!!

  5. Yes we can, and yes we did! Tears of joy feel so damn good, don’t they? This moment…this very moment will hold a place in my heart and my memory for as long as I live.

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