I Heart This Thursday

I Heart This Thursday | April 2023

Welcome to I❤TT, a discussion thread for sharing stuff you love┬ábecause we need more of that in life.

By the time this post goes live I’ll be in Egypt! That fact right there is a huge source of joy for me. This is my third trip and I’m so looking forward to seeing new tings this time around as well as revisiting my favorite places. I’ll share pictures via Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook!

Now it’s your turn: Please talk about or post a link, or two links, or even 5 links to things that bring you joy. Can be something cute your kid or pet did, a piece of art, a song, a book, a short story, an article, a video, posts from social media, anything.

And if these discussions are a source of joy for you, please do share this link with others who might need a space for talking about what we love.

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3 thoughts on “I Heart This Thursday | April 2023

  1. Enjoy Egypt! Catch lots of Pokemon! (And evolve some furfrou to get the special Egypt-only one!) Pokemon Go is *still* one of my sources of joy 7 years later. The other thing that’s giving me joy is I’ve gotten back into playing music and practicing an instrument. Have to do something with my brain that isn’t word-related or involves sitting in front of a screen.

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