Ruby Finley is a Nebula Finalist | March 2023 Tea Time With Tempest

Nebula Award Finalist

Ever since I found out about this I’ve been vibrating with joy. Ruby Finley vs. the Interstellar Invasion is a finalist for the Andre Norton Nebula Award for Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction. This is my first ever Nebula nomination and I’m beyond honored. Squeeeeee!

I’m up against some tough competition. The whole ballot is stuffed with great books and media and games. I’m in the best company.

This seems like a good time to point to this blog post I wrote on how the book came to be and this podcast episode where I talk about the publication process in more detail.

I hadn’t planned to attend Nebula Weekend this year. Problem is, with my Egypt trip coming up, I’m low on discretionary funds and can’t afford it. When I told my friend Alethea this she said I had to go then set up this GoFundMe to make it possible. (Have I mentioned lately that I have the BEST friends?) If it reaches the goal, I can go.

New Suns 2 Reading in Seattle

The New Suns 2 anthology is out on the 14th (and you can still pre-order it from Bookshop.orgPowell’s BooksYour Local Indie BooksellerAmazon, and other fine stores).

The Pacific Northwest authors are getting together for a reading at Seattle’s University Bookstore on March 23rd at 6PM. It’s not on their official events site yet. I suggest following them to get a ping when tickets go live.


Originality 39 header image

The chaotic demise of Twitter has a lot of creative people worried about the future and how they’ll be able to get the word out about their creations and crowdfunding and such. Aleen and I talk about this fear and try our best to relieve some anxieties.

Listen to ORIGINality podcast episode 39: Do Not Put All Your Eggs in Twitter’s Basket

Classes and Workshops

Upcoming Writing the Other classes you may be interested in:

Scholarships are available for both.

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2 thoughts on “Ruby Finley is a Nebula Finalist | March 2023 Tea Time With Tempest

  1. Congratulations!!

    I had dinner with 3 close friends, one who just shared with us she’s pregnant after 2 years of trying. And, I actually want to write again, which is wonderful.

  2. YAY Ruby Nebula finalist!!

    Not too much going on here, work is a little anxiety making right now. But, I am reading and writing again, and feeling good about the writing. Just ended up writing a villain’s home that I think came out well and brought out the villain’s character.

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