The Nebula Award Ceremony Is Tonight! | May 2023 Tea Time with Tempest


The ceremony will be livestreamed starting at 8PM Pacific on YouTube and Facebook and available to view after if you can’t watch live.

YouTube Link | Facebook Link

Aside form this amazingness I have a few other important things to tell you about below. Then we can all go back to going OMG AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Webinars and More Webinars

header image showing a Black woman with her face on the desk in front of a computer looking defeated and bombarded by social media icons

Authors and Social Media… What the HECK do we do NOW??

When: Sunday, June 18 · 8am – 2pm Pacific
Where: Online in Zoom
Price: $30 –$40 | Scholarships Are Available

In this webinar, I’ll help you sort through the current social media mess by offering advice on deciding which social networks to use or ignore based on your goals, tips for setting up a system of auto posting and scheduling that will allow you to maintain an appropriate presence on them, focus on meaningful engagements (if that’s what you want), ignore the aspects of social media that have a negative impact on mental health, and reclaim your writing time.

Learn More & Register

Write Characters image showing a person reading a book and thinking about the great character Heroine's journey image

Writing the Other: Spend June Digging Into Character and Structure

Next month we have two of my favorite webinars coming up: Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget & The Heroine’s Journey. If you register for both by May 21st you can get $50 off the price of both.

In the first webinar author Stant Litore will walk you through how to craft a character arc outline that will empower you to ask more strategic questions about your plot, pacing, sequence of scenes, your dramatic tension, what clues you provide the reader and when, and about your character’s agency, identity, and journey.

The next weekend author Gail Carriger will provide a full break down of what aspects of the Heroine’s Journey (Western civilization’s other prominent story structure) make for compelling narratives and voracious readers, where these elements originate, why they’re successful, and how to write them. She’ll help you take control of story structure by delving behind the scenes for hidden messages and gain insight into under-studied narrative conventions and modern publishing markets.

You can get this special offer through the registration pages for either Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget or The Heroine’s Journey.


AI generated mage of guest Andy Baio

New podcast! Episode 40: Can AI Be Creative?

Let’s talk about it: what exactly is generative AI? How does it produce its output? And, most importantly, can AI be creative? Aleen and I pick this apart with our very special guest Andy Baio of the XOXO Festival.

Listen here or subscribe in your favorite podcatcher.

Enough About Me

I’m ready to hear from you 🤗 I want to hear your news. Tell me about the stuff going on in your life that you’d like to share. Can be great things, or not so great things, or a funny story, or an epic story. Share pictures, share laughter, share what’s troubling you, share wisdom.

Just one note: this is a community space. Please keep in mind that this is my space, so please act the way you would if you were in my actual parlor having actual tea with me 😍

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