Miss Mary Sue

Miss Mary Sue

I forgot to mention that my first Tor.com post went up yesterday! All the foc_uing got in the way. This post is just a bit of fun about Mary Sues. I present my stunning thesis that the presence of a Mary Sue in a story does not render said story bad. Veronica and I have had Words over this. So come back me up. The more comments I get, the righter I am and I win the argument by default!

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3 thoughts on “Miss Mary Sue

  1. Okay – I finally had time to look it up (sorry, old Mom of young kids).

    Hum, that’s not what I thought – I thought it was the blonde, blue-eyed, female that took up space…or you know, was barely there except to prop up the male main.

    But it’s…Wesley Crusher! Oh well, yes, those were the worst TNG eps. Maybe I should go over to friend’s site and comment 3 times?

    But sadly, no time. I enjoy your work, so hope you win…

  2. Commented. I am curious – I would like to know exactly what makes a character “Mary Sue.” I mean, I think I know, but I would think that someone like Meg in the Wrinkle in Time books would not qualify…and I am not sure…

    Was Rose Mary Sue? She seemed too….complex.

    Sorry, I suspect I am missing something.

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