Mother’s Day

This is a pretty sad Mother’s Day for me. All of my mothers are gone.

Tidmore Family Portrait

On the top row on the right is my Great-grandmother, Katie Bell Rembert (nee Finley).  On the left is her daughter, my grandmother, Anna Ree Tidmore (nee Larkin).  On the left in the second row is my mother, Marjorie T Bradford (nee Tidmore).  I’ll let you guess who that little yellow child is.

Kate died when I was about three years old, well into her 70’s (possibly 80’s).  My mother died 9 years ago, but it still really feels like yesterday for me.  My grandmother died April 13th of this year at 89.

Not pictured is my father’s mother, also no longer with me.  She died when I was around 9 or 10.

This year I get to remember them instead of sending flowers.  So it goes.

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. tempest, i lost my grandmother around the same time, as did another friend of mine. it’s been a bad spring for grandmas. my condolences.

  2. So sorry. But what a beautiful and precious picture to have and treasure. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    1. I love that picture! I couldn’t appreciate at the time how awesome it was to have 4 generations all in one place.

  3. Oh no, dad didn’t tell me that Anna Rae had died last month. I’m so sorry sweetie.

    1. Ack! He didn’t tell you? He was completely remiss. Yes, she passed, but she was at home and had seen lots of family in the last weeks and all. Her funeral was on my birthday, it was completely depressing :(

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