My Kingdom For Some Back Support!

My Kingdom For Some Back Support!

I am hanging out in a cute cafe around the corner from my apartment.  I really like it — they have good food at decent prices, know what a real smoothie is, and they play awesome music.  But oh my god, the chairs are AWFUL.  They are all leany back and provide no sitting up straight support.  Sigh…

Why must everything be almost perfect?

Also, I realize these people don’t have a lot of money, but no one could spring from some decent chairs in this place?  Beyond the leany back thing, they’re small, hard, wooden, and I think a bit low.  I guess they don’t want people to hang around.  I don’t understand cafe owners who take this mentality.  You have people who desire to sit in your establishment for hours and consume things.  Make it so they can!

2 thoughts on “My Kingdom For Some Back Support!

  1. I had back surgery a year ago, so I feel your pain. If you really like the joint, I recommend bringing a beach towel next time, rolling it into a cylinder, and tucking it in behind your lumbar area. (If the chairs are really that bad, you might want to make it an extra-fluffy beach towel…)

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