Radio Appearance

The producers of NPR’s News & Notes invited me to take part of their Black Blogger’s Roundtable today (mainly for my work on The Angry Black Woman). I’m very, very excited because I love News & Notes — it’s a great show and my favorite thing to listen to on the weekdays.

Check your local NPR schedule for the broadcast time. Or, if your local station doesn’t carry it, you can listen online this afternoon.

I’m really nervous! Send good luck vibes.

ETA: the streaming audio is now online.  I discussed black military enrollment, blackface as tacky Halloween costume, Oprah’s new YouTube channel, and money issues surrounding Jena 6 donations with Farai Chideya, Monroe Anderson, and Anthony Bradley.

The segment went really well and I enjoyed myself.  I even got to go to WNYC’s offices and join the discussion from a studio.  I felt quite fancy!