SFWA: Overrun By 12-Year-Olds?

Good news this weekend, the SFWA election results are in and Andrew Burt is NOT the next president. That honor goes to Russell Davis, who had an overwhelming majority. Go Russell! I was also pleased to see my bud Mrs Robinette in there as Secretary. Maybe now she can sneak me in!

But while perusing the election results I saw something I did not expect. The write-ins get increasingly more silly and childish as you go down. For vice-president, someone wrote in Spiro Agnew. Now this is amongst several sensible write-ins like John Scalzi and Charles Stross, but then you get to this one for Treasurer: Orlando Bloom.


Eastern Regional Director: Angelina Jolie and Nick Mamatas


I’m willing to bet this is the doing of one person, but still. Nick Mamatas? What’s next, Donald Duck? Superman? It’s like a bit from a sitcom when someone is trying to get a petition signed. Dude.

But I suppose I should not be surprised. After all, some folks voted for Andrew Burt. I guess Orlando in the write-in space pales compared to that.

(Hmm… I think I may have just torpedoed my chance of being snuck into SFWA… ah well)

P.S. And now someone pointed me to this. *SMH*

4 thoughts on “SFWA: Overrun By 12-Year-Olds?

  1. Hi Tempest — I like the pictures!

    I guess it could sound oblique — I did go and read the whole conversation where the individual was avowing no knowledge of Michael Chabon as well as others an average reader would instantly know of.

    It sounded ludicrously ignorant and super proud of it. But I realized – he probably did it on purpose. He is so filled with rage and resentment that he is not better-known or liked than (name virtually any other) author, he’s more than capable of that type of backhanded insult that his naive tribe of six readers took seriously.

    There’s an underbelly of nast that always surprises me, every time I lift one of those rocks and see them crawl out and try to bite, shoot poison, or otherwise harm. It doesn’t surprise me so much any more, I guess.

    It’s over like $50, too, and some cheesy pulp magazine or a tinfoil statue.

  2. That link at the end is not about the awards themselves, but about William Sanders reaction to them. “I don’t know any of these writers. If they haven’t been in Helix they’re off my radar.” What? Dude.

    Also, I don’t have the Gravatar thing hooked up to comment avatars correctly yet, so the avatars you see are pulled from my uploads. They’re all people of color from SF shows and movies :)

  3. I’m commenting because of your link there at the end, Tempest. I’d like to say I’m “speechless,” but I guess not. My take on the awards is that after the troubled year with few recommendations and fewer nominations to begin with, it sure looks like the end result is a good group.

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