Hell Week!

Probably not for the reasons you think. I’m still in the midst of a hellish job hunt and I have a million billion things to do before going to WisCon and this auction is eating my brain! However, once it’s over I will have pulled off something major and raised money for IAF, so yay. But still, omg!

Speaking of, my earrings went up and everyone reading this needs to go and bid on them. Also up, a freaking gorgeous piece by Elizabeth Genco:

Black Feather by Elizabeth Genco

Based on “Black Feather” by K. Tempest Bradford, from Interfictions.

I wanted to make a piece that evoked their essence. A piece that reminded me of raven’s wings, but left plenty of room for meaning.

Anyway, now I need to write some sort of ad for myself to advertise my abilities so I can post it places people are looking for freelancers and I have no idea how to even do that. (but first I need to learn to fucking spell.) And I need to get started on Timmi’s site!

Like I said, Hell Week.