6 thoughts on “The POC Have Spoken and Declared Star Trek Good

  1. I am seeing it in imax tonight!!! Woo hoo! POC approved and explosions in the same movie? That almost never happens!!!!!

  2. I saw it last night and cheered and squeed a lot. As tight as money is I never see a movie in the theatre more than once anymore… this movie will be the exception. I need more!!!

  3. We are leaving to see it in 30 minutes! Ripley and Don are going to wear their Star Trek uniform shirts. Unfortunately, my Uhura dress got *borrowed* and now needs major alterations to get it to fit me again. LOL.

  4. Are you thinking “standard” or “IMAX”?

    (I saw the “regular” edition last night and it was quite something, but I imagine the long line of folks waiting to get into the IMAX must have seen something really spectacular; the IMAX version is only on a 2-week engagement)

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