Trying Out This eBook Thang

So I have a couple of stories that I’d like to sell as individual eBooks, just to try the whole process out. I’ve made the ePub file — which took more doing than should have been necessary… — and I’ve tried it out on the eReaders I have around. But I’d really appreciate it if those of you out there with an eReader or a smartphone that has an EPUB-reading app would check it for me as well. Just let me know in the comments if you’d like a copy and I’ll send it to the email you leave there. Thanks!

Next step is getting accounts on and uploading my story to some eBook stores. I’m thinking iBooks, Kindle, Sony, Kobo, B&N, Scribd and maybe B&N once their self-publishing thing happens. Anyone have experience with these they want to share?

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7 thoughts on “Trying Out This eBook Thang

  1. I can give it a try on the iPad. (I think I’ve found instructions for transferring epubs over to it.)

  2. I have a Kindle and a converter that’ll do epub to mobipocket (AKA non-DRM Kindle format)…I can try it out and send you the resulting Kindle file, if you like.

  3. I use B&N’s Nook. I’m willing to beta test.

    Also, I’ve bought ebooks through fictionwise and liked the experience. They are now owned by b&n so their offerings may be the first to show on b&n when they do slef-pub. Dunno what the experience would be on your end.

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