What to write when autographing?

What to write when autographing?

Since I’m obviously going to have to come up with a bio on my own (hinthint), here’s something else the masses may be able to help me with: what to write (besides my signature) when autographing my stories in anthos or zines? I feel like writing “To Danny, keep on reading!” or something similar is too much like banal yearbook writing. “Have a great summer, Ken!” Even when it’s someone I know, I find it hard to figure out what to say. For Black Feather I often wrote “12 ravens, 7 swans, 1 chance to fly” which kind of worked but seemed a bit pretentious. I don’t even know what to write for the Federations story.

I can’t draw, so I can’t emulate Ben Rosenbaum or Neil Gaiman, and I am obviously not pithy. What should I do, instead?

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  1. I always try to write something overly personal, as if even the complete stranger I just met is a lifelong friend. Something like, “Thank you for inspiring this book,” or “I could never have completed this without all your support and those free meals and nights sleeping on your couch,” or “In memory of that wonderful weekend on Fire Island.”

    I intend to give the biographers and historians fits!

  2. I suck at this, too (and at bios, thus why I didn’t write you one). I usually make up something stock per book and stick with it. For the erotica, “thanks for coming (so to speak)” is always handy…

  3. If I can’t think of anything apropos to the moment I write “Thanks for your support!” for people I know and “Keep ’em flying!” for people I don’t. For you, think of what you might say in a Twitter tweet or brief blog comment. Maybe “::eyeroll::”? (no.)

  4. Either, “Dear eBay user, Congrats on winning your auction for $1.99!, TKB”



    You are a racist!!!


  5. I don’t much care about autographs one way or the other, but I do have a book of Patrick O’Leary’s that he autographed for me, including a picture of his face. …He can’t draw either.

    So don’t let that stop you!

  6. I think you should totally run with the yearbook thing, and just start writing “Have a great summer!” and “Stay sweet, see you next year!” I think it would be hilarious.

    1. I would die laughing if someone signed a book to me with “2 Good 2 Be 4gotten” or similar.

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