Write-a-thon Week 2

I’m pleased to announce that I reached my Week 2 goal of writing a new story!  It’s short (under 2K) and has no title yet, but it exists.

The next piece I’m going to work on isn’t a story, exactly.  It’s a combination of prose and graphic novel script for a “Choose Your Own Adventure”-type book.  A friend of mine asked if I could produce a short novel for them in less than a month.  Might as well use the Write-a-thon to get the first draft done!  It’ll be about the same length as a short story.

My Tuckerization auction earned Clarion West about $51!  I hear the other auctions went even better than that, so at least $200 raised, but probably more.  I think I will Tuckerize the winner in next week’s project.

I’m also going to Readercon next weekend.  Doing another Interfictions reading.  I’ll post pictures and a con report next Sunday.