Write-a-thon Week 6: The End

This week was tough! I was suffering post-con depression because of LaunchPad and was a little sick and I was tired of people talking about Harry Potter but I could not stop talking about it myself. Work was more stressful than usual on top of all that. And I had a story to write.

I ended up dusting off an old idea that I’d already written up once and just writing it again, but with a few different ideas thrown in. I ended up with a vastly different story, so I’m calling it done. I reached my write-a-thon goals!

That makes 4 new stories and 2 revised and polished stories out the door. A very productive result!

Thanks, again, to everyone who sponsored and encouraged me. Doing this is always exhausting but so very worth it. And I’ve raised money for Clarion West and the Butler Scholarship! I’ll let you know how much when I know.

It’s not too late to send in money if you were waiting until I’d hit all of my goals :)

I will now take a week to sleep. And then get started on making these new stories workshop worthy so I can get to work on them.