Yes, I Am Really On Twitter

I created the account as an April Fools Gag and intended to delete it the next day. But then I found a post somewhere on these here interwebs about HootSuite, a service that has a bunch of functions for managing Twitter accounts. One of those services is RSS to Twitter. That made me go hmmm.

If you’ve actually been to my blog and not just read on LJ, you may have noticed the “In A Teapot” links on the sidebar. Those are Delicious bookmarks served to the sidebar which I use for linkblogging/microblogging. I found this to be extremely useful on ABW — can’t post about everything I find that angers me, but I can put it on the sidebar — and have been using it a bit here and on my tech blog. It’s a specific Delicious tag, so you won’t see everything I bookmark there.

Every Delicious tag has it’s own RSS feed.  So, Delicious Microblog RSS -> HootSuite -> Twitter.

I don’t intend to have my tweets auto-posted to LJ or FaceBook or anything like that. If you’re interested in seeing my tweets, you know where to find them. I also don’t intend to follow a bunch of people on Twitter or do anything more than broadcast my links to it, so feel free to ignore it and just look at the sidebar.  There may come a time when I have to be more active on Twitter and, if that happens, I shall be.