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Webinar: Authors and Social Media… What the HECK do we do NOW??

Registration just opened for my new webinar and you are all invited to join!

When: Sunday, June 18 · 8am – 2pm Pacific (check to see when this is in your time zone)
Where: Online in Zoom
Live Webinar Registration: $40
Can’t Attend? Recording Only Registration: $30
Scholarships Are Available

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The current social media landscape is quicksand right now. Every week someone at Twitter makes a change that impacts how the site works, the tools we all use to stay safe and manage how we interact, who sees (or, truly, who doesn’t see) our posts, and dozens of other important functionalities.

This has a ripple effect across all social networks. Some are now more desirable, others are experiencing a resurgence, and some seem determined to follow Twitter’s bad example right down into the lake of fire. Plus, there are new Twitter clones popping up all the time and sometimes dying as quickly as they came to everyone’s attention.

And then there’s you, an author who just wants to write their books and do what they can to help readers find said books. An author who might have been told that they have to have a social media presence and they have to post and post to sell the book and have to get the attention of Bookstagram or BookTok or BookTube or Book[insert truncated social network name yet to be discovered but will surely be the next big thing here]. Don’t forget to buy a ring light!

In this webinar, author K. Tempest Bradford (that’s me!) will help you sort through this mess by offering advice on deciding which social networks to use or ignore based on your goals, tips for setting up a system of auto posting and scheduling that will allow you to maintain an appropriate presence on them, focus on meaningful engagements (if that’s what you want), ignore the aspects of social media that have a negative impact on mental health, and reclaim your writing time.

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