BIPOC Creator BOOST – February 2022

Welcome to this month’s post boosting Black, Indigenous, and other Creators of Color! Every other week I ask BIPOC folk to shout themselves out on Twitter and Facebook so that I can know about more cool art, music, books, and more and also share that with my community, who I know will appreciate it as much as I do.

Of the creators who replied to my boost posts, these resonated with me most:

Dragon and Wolf Designs

Dragon & Wolf Designs: Handcrafted Jewelry for the Fashionable Geek

I also invite you to check out the debut books written by and featuring BIPOC authors and characters that came out this month by heading over to the 22Debuts website. Here are the ones I’m most excited to read:

A Comb of Wishes by Lisa Stringfellow

A Comb of Wishes
by Lisa Stringfellow

And We Rise by Erica Martin

And We Rise
by Erica Martin

Have you picked up any of these? Because you really need to! And that’s just the four I’m most excited about. There are several others that you can find on the 22Debuts site.

In the comments I’d love to know what books by BIPOC authors you’re reading, what art you’ve seen, what music you’re listening to, what dances have inspired you by BIPOC creators.