How I Feel Today

Tempest and Stephen, originally uploaded by saw76.

I feel like smiling because my life is so awesome. Also because I love that other dude in the picture a lot (in a platonic way, people!) and he always makes me smile. Yay me.

What makes you happy in your life? What makes you smile? I want pictures!

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9 thoughts on “How I Feel Today

  1. My adorable cat Petra (who has a broken leg at the moment, which is less for the happy, but she is still a smoochie puss) and my set of Fall Out Boy action figures, which I keep at work. I am nothing if not professional. Also, when I’m having a bad day, a box of plastic bandboys is full of so much inherent ridiculousness they never fail to make me giggle.

    I’ve just noticed this was posted in July. That’s what happens when you randomly follow links. But what the hell.

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