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I Heart This Thursday December 2022

Welcome to I❤TT, a discussion thread for sharing stuff you love because we need more of that in life.

It’s the last I Heart This Thursday of the year! Looking back over the last 12 months, what are the things that kept you joyful even as the state of the world has been, overall, not so great? What are the pinpricks of light in the darkness?

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4 thoughts on “I Heart This Thursday December 2022

  1. This one is simple but I have been loving a new game I found called “I love hue.” It’s a color sorting puzzle that’s just really chill and relaxing and beautiful. It requires a certain level of vision and color perception, so it’s not accessible to everyone, though.

  2. Ripley moved out and is blossoming. I’m heading towards retirement, looking forward to traveling more with my old phart husband (we’re very compatible for traveling and we enjoy the heck out of it!). What’s given me joy is watching my daughter get out from under the shadows of a very abusive relationship and grow into her own wonderful self. I changed the groups and people I follow on FB to a more holistic and realistic set, and I enjoy being on FB again. What gives me daily joy is looking for all the things and reasons I have to be grateful, writing my daily gratitude lists, and appreciating the abundance around me in spite of the economy and some health things in my household. I’m so very grateful to be friends with you still, after all these years!

  3. It’s been a good year. I’m still trying to be cautious (masking up, etc.) but I managed to road trip to visit friends in Dallas (in May, when we were also able to see Hannah Gadsby, who was fabulous) and catch up with a friend who moved to Alaska in October.

    I’ve probably written more this year than I have in ages: 51,000 in July for Camp NaNo and 72,000 just now for NaNo, which is a personal best. Neither novel is finished, mostly because even though I have a good idea on what I think the ending should be, I have no clue how to get the characters there. And currently am stuck on how to figure out what the missing pieces are. Still, I’m pleased with what I was able to write.

    I’ve lately managed, somehow, to start following a bunch of landscape photographers on both Facebook and Twitter. The landscapes are inspiring and peaceful and a nice little breath of fresh air the remind me that there are still pretty places and that there are people willing to take time out of their lives to appreciate and share them.

  4. A dear friend moved back to my state this year and I got to spend time in their gorgeous new home with chosen family and enjoy a wonderful meal. I’m looking forward to more such events.

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