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I Heart This Thursday September 2022

Welcome to I❤TT, a discussion thread for sharing stuff you love because we need more of that in life.

I have fallen down the rabbit hole of increasingly more difficult Wordle clones. First it was Quordle, then Octordle, then Sedecordle, and finally Duotrigordle. There is one where you can do 64 Wordles at once, but I draw the line at 32! I am having fun even though some days I end up very frustrated.

Now it’s your turn: Please talk about or post a link, or two links, or even 5 links to things that bring you joy. Can be something cute your kid or pet did, a piece of art, a song, a book, a short story, an article, a video, posts from social media, anything.

And if these discussions are a source of joy for you, please do share this link with others who might need a space for talking about what we love.

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1 thought on “I Heart This Thursday September 2022

  1. I’ve been doing a ton of puzzles in the last year or so, enough that I now have a favorite brand, eeboo: https://eeboo.com/ – their artwork is so cheery and brightly colored, the individual pieces are shiny and fit together tightly, and best of all they don’t shed cardboard dust all over. The other thing that pleases me about puzzles is I can photograph them each time I work on them, then look at the visible progress in sequence. Very satisfying.

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