Tea Time May 2022

Ruby is Ready for Reviews + New Classes + Best Breakfast Ever | May 2022 Tea Time With Tempest

April showers have brought May flowers and also pollen. So, so much pollen. Why must plants get busy inside of our noses? Evil.

This May I’m a little bummed because I’m going to miss WisCon for the first time since I started going in 2003. The con is in-person and I had tentative plans to go. Then someone removed mask mandates for public transportation and I turned into the Nopetapus. I’m scared enough of catching things when people do wear masks.

Depending on what happens with cases and mask mandates, I may not even be able to do a book tour (not that I know if my publisher is sending me on one yet). Sadness.

However, this month is not only about sadness, there is also joy. Keep scrolling to see my joy. And don’t forget to share yours on I Heart This Thursday!

🧡 Tempest

I have a bit of news to share with you below, but down in the comments I want to hear your news. Tell me about the stuff going on in your life that you’d like to share. Can be great things, or not so great things, or a funny story, or an epic story. Share pictures, share laughter, share what’s troubling you, share wisdom.

The Ruby Report

Ruby Finley vs. the Interstellar Invasion is now on NetGalley and Edelweiss, so reviewers can start putting in requests. If you’re a BIPOC reviewer, book blogger, bookstagrammer, or booktokker and you want to read the book, please put in a request and let me know via my contact form if you aren’t approved. I want to make sure the people I wrote this book for get a chance to review it!

Black Joy

I’ve been in Seattle helping my friend Piper J. Drake while her partner is away. Piper is many things, including an excellent cook. I’ve been extremely well-fed since I got here. Just look at today’s breakfast!

Image of dishes with ful medames, tomato and cheese, and fried eggs

Fried hard boiled eggs, tomato and mozzarella, and ful medames. We didn’t have the correct bread for it so we had to make do with tortillas. It was super, super good. Hanging with Piper (and her corgi Corbin) gives me joy.

See Me, Hear Me

Fast Forward

Alethea Kontis and I were interviewed on the Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction podcast. We talked about our adventures in Egypt, the fact that we have books releasing on the same day(!), and how our friendship supports our creativity. Watch it on YouTube.


In episode #34 Aleen and I talk about why we decided to revive the podcast and offer a little peek into the future. Listen or Subscribe here.

episode 34 The Revival of Originality



Deep Dive Intensive: Description and Language

Last week to register for this class with me and Nisi Shawl. You have two options: Weekend Intensive or Asynchronous. No matter your schedule, we can accommodate.

Click Here to Learn More and Register

Writing the Other #SummerOfStructure

We have two structure-focused classes coming up in the next few months. Learn about structures outside of Western paradigms with Henry Lien and do a deep dive into the oft-forgotten Western structure that isn’t the Hero’s Journey with Gail Carriger.

There are scholarships available for both.

Click Here to Learn More and Register

New in The Tempestuous Salon

Today I uploaded the May 2022 content drop for supporters. It includes an essay about weird stuff I’ve found while researching a new book, a weird little microfiction about umbrellas, and a link to download the game I mentioned last month. I’m asking supporters to give me feedback if they are moved to do so.

You can still get the content if you join me on Patreon or Ko-Fi this month!

Enough About Me

I’m ready to hear from you 🤗 Just one note: this is a community space. Please keep in mind that this is my space, so please act the way you would if you were in my actual parlor having actual tea with me 😍

3 thoughts on “Ruby is Ready for Reviews + New Classes + Best Breakfast Ever | May 2022 Tea Time With Tempest

  1. I am gutted to be missing WisCon as well; I’ve never felt so at peace at a con. Completely understand your decision. So happy for all your exciting news!

  2. You’re smart to be wary. Son 2 has Covid. We’re all fully vaccinated and made it two plus years without any of us getting it.

    Congratulations on all your great news!

  3. I have Covid ? I was so careful for so long. But then I went to a small professional development workshop and didn’t wear a mask. I greatly respect you for drawing a line when there aren’t mask mandates. I should have.

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