Now that a significant chunk of my friends have an eeepc, I am starting to feel like we’re in a gang. The small laptops are coming! They are taking over. I want a picture of everyone from Altered Fluid with one. I want us all lined up, eying Devin (who has a small laptop, but not a tiny one) with suspicion.

Anyway, this is not a meme, but it is some fun-ness. The challenge is to post pictures of your eeepc in all its glorious eeeness. Top points to shots of the eee in the wild, or somewhere fun, or doing something hilarious. Here’s mine:

My eeepc, her name is \
My eee again, but half closed

I christened her “The Maidenhead” and Mary Robinette Kowal is going to make me a custom skin with art based on Cat Valente’s book as the base. Then she will be red and piratey.

What is my eeepc doing that is interesting? It’s helping me test out the “Set White Balance” function on my camera, which I just discovered today. Hooray. (Thanks for the tip, Mary.)

I showed you mine, now show me yours! I should tag people, just to make it more meme-y. I tag coffeeandink, Eugene, and Kris.

(p.s. also, we should make our eeepictures into icons, like I did!)