One Room in NYC, Furnished With Hopes And Dreams

Due to some issues, my roommates have decided to move back to California. This is very sad because we all love each other and want to cling, but circumstances are tearing us apart! Boo.  Logistics also dictate that my roommates are leaving most of their furniture behind, so I have a large, furnished bedroom just sitting there taking up space and generally not paying rent all by itself.

The boys will be gone by the beginning of April or so, and thus I’m on a roommate hunt again. Before I invite the unwashed Craigslist masses in, I wondered if anyone out there is interested in coming to stay in NYC for a few weeks or a month or whatever. It’s certainly cheaper than a hotel ($30/day) and I will even make risotto for you.

Of course, I could also use some longer-term roommates, as I plan to stay in this apt. at least until the end of the year.