Dear Keyboard Manufacturers:

Dear Keyboard Manufacturers:

It seems to me that while you’re spending a lot of time creating special keyboards for gamers, you could be putting a little of that R&D and design know-how to use in creating special keyboards that would be useful for, oh, people who have to use them all the time at work. “But regular keyboards are fine for that,” you say. I say: no they aren’t, you asses, else I wouldn’t be making this post.

Let’s take my job, for example. I’m a Web Producer. I spend 75% of my day doing repetitive tasks like copying and pasting, performing the same three functions over and over in photoshop, and clicking between windows and tabs. You know what would be nice? A set of keys on the left side of the main key area that are programmable. One click access to the 10 most important functions would save me a lot of time and stave off carpal tunnel for a few years, at least.

There are many, many web producers and print producers and graphic designers and data entry personnel and other people in other jobs who could use such a thing. I don’t see why gamers are the only ones who get special keyboards. Most of them can’t be appropriated to business use because the special keys are on the right side of the keyboard (except this one), but right-handed people use that hand for the mouse. You suck, keyboard manufacturers!

Instead of spending time rolling out natural keyboards that aren’t really all that ergonomic or useful, try designing something actually helps someone.

No love,