I turned it into a story but the hole in my heart is still there

Last year when I was a guest on Hour of the Wolf I read my 9/11-inspired story Until Forgiveness Comes on the air. Jim Freund liked it so much and liked the radio-y/NPR-esque-ness that he suggested we should record it as a radio play. I am all for that, so I wrote a script and we’ve been slowly, slowly working our way toward making that happen.

Jim will produce, we’ll likely get studio time at WBAI, and the fabulous Andrea Hairston will direct. She has some actors in mind, Jim keeps insisting I should do a part, and I am crossing my fingers for a guest appearance by Margo Adler (the original host of Hour of the Wolf and fancy NPR contributor). But I know we’ll need to bring in a few actors to read, and it would be nice if those actors could be paid. This is the part that’s holding up the works, unfortunately.

I’m hoping to get that all resolved because I would really love to have the play ready to go on next year’s anniversary. Despite the fact that many of us here in NYC are truly Not On about the spectacle that these anniversaries have become, it’s not likely to get any better next year due to the West’s love of base 10. So I’d like to make a small contribution to the conversation that isn’t about politics or publicity.

Somehow the money will emerge. That or we’ll find really excellent actors who don’t mind working for free. Still, I’d rather give everyone involved something for their time.

You can still read Until Forgiveness Comes at Strange Horizons or you can

      listen to the second half
of my appearance on HotW where I read the story then take calls.

I’ll be back on the show next Saturday with my writing group, Altered Fluid. They will be critiquing a story of mine live on the air. At 5am… Yes, there will be a podcast you can download later, but you’ll miss the call-in part!




In case you don’t read Fantasy every day (and why not?!) I want to draw your attention to an announcement we just put up.  We’re going to start podcasting radio plays (or, more properly: audio dramas :as the plays won’t necessarily be on the radio) next year and so we’re accepting script submissions starting September 1.  I know at least one person who’ll be excited about this.  We’re looking for original scripts OR stuff adapted from existing stories.

I suspect a lot of writers will want to do adaptations but might wonder and worry if an author would mind having their story turned into a play.  They have to get permission, of course.  So I thought it would be a good idea to gather in one place a list of authors who would like to see their stories adapted.  If you are such an author, please comment.  Put the URL to your website in the URL field (which will be the click through on your name), a link to your bibliography, and a link to where folks can contact you.

Keep in mind that comments below are NOT the same as permission to adapt a story.  It’s merely an indication that the author is interested.  Any script writers who want to adapt a story should contact the author directly.

I should also note that the rights and permissions for audio plays are not the same as audio rights.  Thus, if you allow someone to adapt your story into a radio drama, it should not affect your ability to sell the audio/podcast rights.

ETA: Somehow in all of this I forgot to mention that I am open to people adapting my stories as well.  Bibliography link is at the top of the page, as is the Contact link.