What Media Player Do You Use and/or Suggest?

I recently had to uninstall my favorite media player: MusicMatch Jukebox.  I’ve had that same install since 2004 and absolutely loved the program.  But, sadly, it was getting buggier and buggier, and, of course, it was no longer supported.  not because it was old, but because Yahoo bought MusicMatch and proceeded to amke ti a piece of crap as they discontinued support for pre-Yahoo versions.  Yahoo ruins everything.

I used to use RealJukebox until it melded back into RealPlayer, and I haven’t seen a version that truly rocks my socks.  (I’m willing to be convinced that it’s better now.)  Everything else just seems to suck.

I downloaded Songbird, which is all right, but I think it’s not quite ready for prime time.  It crashes easily, doesn’t dig the add-ons as much as I would like (and is thus reduced to really basic functionality), and doesn’t even play or rip CDs at the moment.  How annoying is that?

I’m currently using the Creative media player that came with my MP3 player, but it isn’t as robust as I would like, either.  I do like that it plays video and music.

Windows Media Player… meh.  I suppose I could use it.  It’s better than it used to be, that’s for sure.

iTunes is a big fat NO.

What I want is to find another program as awesome as MusicMatch JukeBox.  I would prefer one that also played video.  I want something with lots of functionality, that plays and rips CDs (to MP3), that organizes tracks well and will batch process them (like updating the meta data).

What do you use to organize and listen to your media?  Suggest stuff to me, please.  My music library will thank you.