I don’t have the energy to be erudite, so I’ll just rant some more

I don't have the energy to be erudite, so I'll just rant some more

I thought about writing a long, thoughtful post about this recent flare-up of stupidity on the internet. Something a little more coherent than my last one. But, honestly, it isn’t going to make much of a difference. Will Shetterly never listens to anyone, he just rants, whines, cries, and then complains about how hard it is to be poor all the time. I don’t even know what Cramer’s problem is.

But I can’t stop thinking about this issue and I can’t pin down exactly why. Part of it is because, well, Will Shetterly. His mere name is enough to upset anyone. Also, I am upset that coffeeandink is so affected by this. Basically, because she said things that Shetterly and Cramer didn’t like, they get to use their power to complicate her life? And for what? What does that accomplish? Silencing tactics from people who ought to know better. Disgusting.

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It Must Be Nice

It Must Be Nice

To have a job where your fannish/SF/online life is not a detriment, but an enhancement of your professional standing. Or, it must be nice not to have a damn job at all, and thus say whatever crazy shit comes to mind whenever one wants.

It’s always great to hear from people who have nothing to lose chide people who have to walk a fine line every day of their lives about how they should be and do.

I’m so disgusted right now that I can’t even form a properly snarky post. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

ETA: the first link used to go to a blog post by Kathryn Cramer, but she redirected the URL.  Classy!  Now it just links to her About page.  To understand why I linked to her with those words, I offer an excerpt from the post titled “I Am Appalled”:

“Kathryn Cramer has been linking my LJ to my full name on wikis and in other people’s blog comments ”

[coffeeandink’s full name] owes me an apology. Anyone interested in what I might have actually done to give such overblown offense should look HERE and HERE. […]

(I’ve seen strange tactics for protecting one’s Internet handle before, but I’m quite nonplussed at the tactic of flaming people who have actually acquiesced to requests for concealment of identity. What was she thinking?!?)


Can I just say, for the record, that I think it is wildly unethical to flame, under a fake name that you refuse to associate with your real name and history, your former boss and people you formerly worked with at a company, especially like claiming to take the moral high ground on an issue like, say, race. I am appalled, just really appalled, & even more appalled by people who think this is a legitimate use of an alias. It is not.

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