Not At All Innocent or Hypothetical Question of the Day

Not At All Innocent or Hypothetical Question of the Day

This is for the writers out there. If you were to get the urge to write on a mobile phone (not a whole novel, say, but whenever you needed to bust out some words and it wasn’t practical to do so on a netbook), what qualities would have phone have to have to make you comfortable doing so?

I would imagine a physical keyboard is a must, but that’s because I can’t type very fast with on-screen keyboards. Others are better at it. Regardless of whether it’s physical or not, I definitely feel like a qwerty-style keyboard is a must.

Do you agree? Also, what other aspects of a phone are important? Screen size, operating system, apps?

Mobile Broadband Is The Shit

I’m on an Amtrak train right this second!  Woo for the broadband card.  It’s on loan from work so that I can do some work while I’m on my way to see family.  Normally I would not be bothered to work while on the train, but as I want to keep as many of my vacation days as possible and as this trip would be filled with nothingness, anyway, I figured I could get something done, at least.

It’s good to work for people on the cutting edge of mobile technology.

Too bad I can’t have this thing all the time, then no lack of wi-fi would keep me from camping out in a cafe and writing.

Anyway, light posting from me over the next few days due to holidays and such.  Merry Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and general joyful handaving to everyone out there.