Let’s Talk About Writing Software

Let's Talk About Writing Software

This post reminded me that I’ve been wanting to poll folks about writing software lately. I know everyone talks about the wonders of Scrivener and how it changed everything for them and such, but there are other programs out there as well. I’m wondering how well they work for people.

I know some still prefer homespun methods of keeping track of stuff like plot threads, character traits, settings details, etc. Sometimes having it all in one program does help those who need a little guidance in order to be organized. I’m still int he process of finding the best way for myself, so I’m definitely intrigued by what others are up to.

So, if you use writing software that provides a bit more functionality than a word processor, let me know what you use and why you like it. Also what you wish it could do but doesn’t, and wish it wouldn’t do but does. Or, if you’ve cobbled something together from several different programs, I’d love to hear about that, too.

What I’m not interested in hearing is variations on: “Real writers don’t need fancy writing programs, you should JUST WRITE.” Because, honestly, everyone is different. Some of us do better with extra tools. And I’m sure everyone agrees that no matter how good a writing program, it cannot write something for you. So if you feel the urge to whip that out, kindly talk about puppies and kittens, instead.

waaaaaa, I want Scrivener!

waaaaaa, I want Scrivener!

I know Mac people get very few things they can call their own, but it’s completely unfair that Scrivener is one of them.  Why can’t they stop being jerks and make a Windows version?  Or, at least, a Unix version so I can put it on my eee!

I’ve tried other programs that do similar things.  I gave Writer’s Cafe months and months to please me.  And while I do like the notebook function and the scraps thing and the journal, the actual area for writing isn’t robust and the index card/story organizing thing leaves MUCH to be desired.  I want Scrivener.  *pout*

As I contemplate starting this new novel in a few weeks (aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh panicomg!!) it would be really helpful if I had a program that helped me organize.  I can’t keep writing snippets in my journal and then go hunt them down across three journals.  That sucks.  Plus, I suspect this novel will involve a great deal of research, taking place in Ancient Egypt and all.  I have a lot of prior research to help, but then I’ll have new questions like “What time of year is best for harvesting pomegranates?”

*wants Scrivener*  *pout*