waaaaaa, I want Scrivener!

waaaaaa, I want Scrivener!

I know Mac people get very few things they can call their own, but it’s completely unfair that Scrivener is one of them.  Why can’t they stop being jerks and make a Windows version?  Or, at least, a Unix version so I can put it on my eee!

I’ve tried other programs that do similar things.  I gave Writer’s Cafe months and months to please me.  And while I do like the notebook function and the scraps thing and the journal, the actual area for writing isn’t robust and the index card/story organizing thing leaves MUCH to be desired.  I want Scrivener.  *pout*

As I contemplate starting this new novel in a few weeks (aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh panicomg!!) it would be really helpful if I had a program that helped me organize.  I can’t keep writing snippets in my journal and then go hunt them down across three journals.  That sucks.  Plus, I suspect this novel will involve a great deal of research, taking place in Ancient Egypt and all.  I have a lot of prior research to help, but then I’ll have new questions like “What time of year is best for harvesting pomegranates?”

*wants Scrivener*  *pout*

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12 thoughts on “waaaaaa, I want Scrivener!

  1. Yeah, I’m going to change my OS for one program. And I’m going to redo my kitchen because I don’t like what’s in my fridge.

    And for the record, while interesting, the normal alternative suggestions (PageFour, Story Binder, etc.) are NOTHING like Scrivener. But I’ve got a beta of Office 2010 and this may all be unnecessary.

  2. Hi Tempest,
    Have you looked at Writers Cafe? It’s a UK windows product that uses cards something liek Scrivener and has a heap of other features I find very useful. I’m now on my third novel using it – still like it.

  3. OSx86

    Shows you how to install the Mac OS on your PC. Or you could have a tech savvy friend to it for you. Defy Gates and Job, put a Tiger on your Dell. (Or a Leopard in your HP.)

  4. I want Scrivener too. *pout* Someone needs to make a Mac-simulator for Windows. Preferable freeware/open-source.

    Right now, I’m having surprisingly good luck organizing story-notes in a plain-text file. Separate by story/concept, and if one section gets too big, break off into a new text file. Keep it all organized in one folder with reasonable names–you could even devote a portable version of Notepad++ to it, since it remembers previously opened file-tabs and even the paragraph you scrolled to.

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