Write-a-thon Sponsorships — Halfway There!

Write-a-thon Sponsorships -- Halfway There!

According to the progress meter on my site, I am just a scooch over halfway to my goal of getting $1000 in sponsorships! Yep. Right now I have $510 in pledged money, which leaves only $490 to go. If 9 more people pledge $10/week, I’m all set! Or 18 people at $5/week. Or just a flat $50. I only need 10 people if you do that!

Of course, there might be someone out there with $490 burning a hole in their pocket. Why not donate it to a worthy cause? ;)

ETA – Big news!  As of Friday the 13th, I now have $660 in sponsored money. !!  This means I only need $340 more.  That’s about $57/week.  If 6 more people sponsor me for $10/week, I am home free!

To sponsor me, just email my gmail: SponsorKT. Let me know how much and if you’d like your name on the sidebar.