WisCon POC Meetups

WisCon POC Meetups

Last year’s POC dinner was a big hit and folks have been asking if we’re going to do it again. I say: YES. Because I loved it and want more. This year we’ll have several gatherings just in case someone can’t make one or the other, though only one will be POC-only. If you identify as a person of color, you are welcome at these events.

Friday POC Dinner — 5:30 – 7:30

This is WisCon’s dinner block, so there isn’t any official programming to miss. I made a reservation in the Concourse’s restaurant (the Dayton Street Grille) for the private back room. To join us, just say you’re looking for the POC Group.

They won’t do individual checks for a group our size (I predict at least 15 people, last year we had 30) so bring cash. The menu for the restaurant is here.

There are also two Carl Brandon events happening on Friday and Saturday which are good places to hang with POC and allies. The Carl Brandon party on Friday night at 8:45 in room 607 and the Carl Brandon luncheon at 11:45 on Saturday (meet in the lobby).

I had wanted to do a second big POC-only meetup event, but perhaps this would be better coordinated at the con itself. We can do it in the POC safe space (the Solitaire room) if we want. Plus, last year we had several informal group meals of awesome POC-ness.

8 thoughts on “WisCon POC Meetups

  1. I weep since I’m not going. I’m also pouting. Have much amounts of fun for me and give everyone my love.

  2. I wont be anywhere near there, but perhaps I can phone in a special orc moment.

  3. Oooh. I’ll definitely try to fit the lunch in, but the Friday dinner I’m going to be running around trying to set up the Circlet Press party then. Now, where the heck did I put my actual schedule…

  4. Oh nuts. I would have liked the luncheon, but it’s opposite the Journeyman Writers’ Meeting. :( Have a great time!

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