How to Find/Read Me

When I welcomed new friends and readers last week I forgot to do that thing where I say “here’s where to find me” in case people don’t do the RSS thing. So here it is:

LiveJournal: I’m here as ktempest and the journal there is essentially a mirror of this journal here at The only difference between the mirror and an RSS feed is that the entries show up under my own username with my LJ icon. You can’t comment there, which I know is a sadness. But keeping up with two comment threads gave me the vapors. I do friend people back on LJ because I do read the FList there (not as frequently as I used to). If you’d like me to friend you, please introduce yourself.

Dreamwidth: I’m here as ktempest also but that journal is on lockdown. Only people I’ve granted access to can see the majority of my posts there. There’s nothing super secret going on. I just want to use that journal as a place to have the kind of conversations that can only happen when you choose the company selectively. If you subscribe to me there and I don’t subscribe back or grant you access to my locked posts, please do not take it as a sign I don’t like you. However, if you do add me, I would appreciate you introducing yourself as I sometimes don’t match up the person with their LJ/Dreamwidth handle and my brain needs a bit of help. If you want to read the posts from the journal on Dreamwidth, there’s an RSS feed.

Twitter: I’m tinytempest here. Twitter is full of randomness and I just add to the noise. I do not always follow people who follow me. I’m starting to realize how mean I am!

Facebook: If you search for K Tempest Bradford you should be able to find me. Or just hit the link there. Though Facebook is evil with the privacy stuff I still like it overall because it can act as a hub for almost every social network. Whenever I post here, there’s a notification there. When I review something on Yelp, add a picture to Flickr, etc. My Twitter and Facebook are not mirrored, though. Sometimes I post something to both, but usually it’s one or the other. I friend back most people on Facebook, but I also filter pretty heavily there, too. It’s really, really helpful to me when people include a message with the friend request saying “Hey, this is where/how I met you” or “this is how I know you” or “I’m a friend of your friend” or whatever. Sometimes people just say “hey, I read your story and liked it, want to stay up to date” and that’s just fine, too.