2007 Clarion West Write-a-thon

It is time again for the Write-A-Thon! June 17th through July 27th.

“During the six weeks of the workshop, while the current students are writing their hearts out, CW grads and other writers will join the frenzy, write like crazy, and raise funds to help the workshop break even. The result is a lot of excellent new writing, but the event’s overall purpose is to raise money to support the workshop.

This is our fourth annual Write-a-thon.

My goals this year include writing 4 new stories, 1/week for 4 weeks, and revising two stories, 1/week for 2 weeks, making a total of 4 new and 2 polished stories in the 6 week period.

I’m raising money for both Clarion West and the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund. I’ll split the money right down the middle (unless a sponsor wishes to only pledge for one entity or the other).

The Butler scholarship is important to me for the obvious reasons. Also because, when I applied to Clarion West, I didn’t really have the money to go. But I had the time and the opportunity, so I went for it. When I got in, I asked for financial aid, hoping I would get some money and then find a way to get the rest. Then I got the shock of my life when the administrators told me that an anonymous donor had paid my full tuition. Specifically did so for me! I still don’t know who that person is/was (though someone once gave me a hint), but I will always be grateful to them. One of the ways I can honor this person is by doing what I can to help other writers of color who may only be able to come if they get this scholarship.

To sponsor me, please visit my personal Write-A-Thon page. To read more about the project and see the other writers who are participating, go to the main page. If you’d like your donation to go to only the Butler scholarship or only to Clarion West, email me for instructions.

What do you get if you sponsor me? Other than the satisfaction of helping along a new crop of SF writers, of course. Anyone who sponsors me for $15/week or more gets to see all of the stories I’m writing/revising once I’m done. I’ll email them to you or I’ll show you the secret place I post works in progress online. If you sponsor me for $75/week, I’ll name a character or a place in one of these stories after you. (I’m also auctioning off a Tuckerization, if you want to bid and try to get your name in “lights”.) I’m crap at coming up with names, so you’d be helping me out, really. If you get on board with $100/week or more, I’ll send you a signed copy of the latest anthology I’m in, Interfictions. That book has some amazing fiction in it. Mine pales compared to the other stories.

Please email me to let me know at which level you sponsored me if you’re interested in claiming one of these fabulous prizes. ;) And remember, the money is going to Clarion West and the Butler scholarship (both non-profit orgs and, yes, tax deductible), so you’re supporting writers of color and the other writers who will have the benefit of diverse voices in the class.