2009 Clarion West Write-a-thon wrapup

2009 Clarion West Write-a-thon wrapup

So the Write-a-thon ended over two weeks ago and I haven’t said anything about it on the blog. I suck, I know. But here I am to do so now!

I was able to complete revisions on all 6 stories, though 3 of them needed to be sent to beta readers or my crit group before actually going out into the world. Still, I have 3 stories in circulation that were not before. And I even broke down and sent one of them to Asimov’s.

I am working this weekend to get all of the books sent out to Bronze level sponsors and, since I didn’t do so while the WaT was going on, I have to create some earrings and other jewelry based on these stories. There were only two Silver sponsors, though, so I suspect it won’t be hard.

All of the donations are not in yet, but with the addition of a late pledger, I will probably have raised over $1,900 for Clarion West and the Butler Scholarship. YAY! This is way above what I initially set out to bring in.

I’m taking down the dedicated WaT page until next year, also the sponsors on the sidebar. But I will re-list their names under the cut for posterity. Thank you, again, those who are listed and those who aren’t for your generosity and support.

Since it all ended I’ve been taking a fiction break. But this weekend I am back on the horse — I have a novel to write.

2009 Sponsors

Jeff Vandermeer
Deanne Fountaine
Robin Anne Reid
Pamela Adams
Cora Anderson
Avram Piltch
Delia Sherman
Jason Sanford
John Scalzi
Joanna Lowenstein
Julia Sullivan
Mur Lafferty
Cynthia Dalton
Karen Babich
Velma DeSelby-Bowen
Constance Burris
Henry Cook
Michael Trice
Joe Monti
Karen Burnham
Linda D Addison