30 Days of Blogging

About a month or so ago Cat Valente challenged herself to write a blog post every day for 30 days to combat the creeping Twitterficcation of the blogging world1. While I do enjoy Twitter way more than I thought I would2 and think Facebook is an excellent social aggregation tool even if they’re shit on privacy, I do agree that I wouldn’t want to see long-form blogging fall by the wayside. Blogging has been really important to me both personally and professionally. But I’ve fallen off doing it for the past couple of years. Not because of Facebook or Twitter, but because I have allowed my job (which includes blogging) to eat me up somewhat.

In the past few weeks I have made a point of carving out time for writing and socializing with my writer friends to combat this. And now that I’ve had some short-term success in that area, I think I’m ready to try getting back into regular blogging again. Plus, Cat told me to.

I’m going to put a bit of a twist on the challenge since I have a million blogs I’m supposed to be contributing to or maintaining. My blog post a day for 30 days will stretch across more than one blog: Tempest blog, ABW, Chicktech, Geek Feminism, FeministSF, Tor.com, and probably whoever I’m supposedly guest posting for these days (Sorry, Jeff!). At the end of the week I will be sure to point to all the various posts so you can keep up.

As per Cat’s own rules, the posts for this will be substantive. I don’t know that I’ll have time for huge essays every day, but it won’t just be “Look at this damn shit over here, OMG.”

I’m sure I’ll find plenty to write about, but if I run out of ideas I’ll ask you all for help. Maybe you just want to see me go on and on about puppies and kittens for a month.


  1. Mostly she’s not happy that everyone wants to leave LJ, which I can understand in a way. I still think Dreamwidth is better and wish I could just transplant everyone there and move on. []
  2. Yes, Mary, you may laugh at me now. []

5 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging

  1. I understand the LJ/DW quandry; I’ve been on LJ for 9-10 years, so I do feel very attached…but it’s also changed a *lot* in that timeframe. And I really like the spirit of DW, as well as the enhanced functionality they’ve been adding.

      1. Oh, weird – I now see that when I hover over a linky bit next to a footnote marker when I’m on LJ, it prepends the URL I came in on to the info in the popup. So I was on your LJ via my flist, so when I hovered on that it showed my LJ’s URL and I thought it was a link you put there. Hence the confusion (Either that or my rampant narcissim–there can’t be anyone else named Mary on earth!).

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