31 Days of Jewelry – Reader’s Choice

I’ve gotten an amazingly positive response to all my jewelry making. Thank you! It’s reminding me why I did this regularly once upon a time. If I weren’t planning to go traveling for the next couple of years it might even inspire me to take it back up again.

So I’m sorry I’ve been silent for two weeks! Lots of deadlines at work. But I did make some jewelry and almost kept up with doing one piece a week. Until this past week, at least.  I guess I’ll just have to make a ton this coming week. And on that note, I’m going to need some help.

I still have a ton of beads that I need to work through but I’m not sure how I want to use them all. It’s part of the reason some of these have been sitting in a craft chest for years. Back then I used to do a thing called Reader’s Choice where I put up pictures of beads and a poll to see which ones I should use to make my next piece. I want to do something similar here.

Below is a collection of some of the beads I have available and what type they are.

See some beads you like and want me to make a piece of jewelry using them? Make a request in the comments! I can’t promise I’ll be able to come up with something that suits you, but I will try. Want to increase your chances? Check out all the jewelry I’ve made so far–if there’s a piece you like but want it with different beads, I can probably do that. The price will be similar, too.

You can also request a piece of jewelry similar to something you’ve seen elsewhere. Again, can’t promise that I’ll be able to make that happen, but I will try.

Any questions? Ask!

17 thoughts on “31 Days of Jewelry – Reader’s Choice

  1. Or, if I misunderstood and Amal prefers the necklace, I could go for just the bracelet instead.

    1. Amal wants the bracelet so the necklace is yours, strixbrevis! And S. E. gets the malachite one. I shall email you all later tonight.

  2. In a perfect world I would love to get the sodalite necklace and bracelet, but I also don’t want to be greedy. So definitely the necklace, waiting to see if Amal wants the bracelet. :D

  3. yay! so, since you all gave opinions you get first dibs on these pieces. I would make you fight to the death but I suspect that there will be polite discussion amongst those who do want things. Necklaces would be $30 & $35 (the malachite was more expensive), the bracelet $15.

  4. OMG so gorgeous AND I love that it’s worked out to 7 roses per necklace — have been percolating a poem about seven damascene roses for … Huh, going on 7 years. INTERSTITIAL YO. But seriously I love the flow & how it suggests a spiral without being a spiral.

    1. Okay y’all, here’s the final-ish form:

      sketch 2

      As Amal rightly saw, the pattern is based on the Fibonacci sequence. there’s even a Fibonacci inception going on with the number of brown jasper beads. I added more blue, also per Amal’s suggestion.

      I’m going to find a nice spiraly clasp to go with this one. A clasp that can be seen so whoever wears this can adjust it as they like.

      And then there’s this…


      Bracelet on stretchy string!

      So I used up almost all the sodalite, but I had just enough jasper roses for this:


      That’s the malachite and jasper beads. Same Fibonacci sequence and inception. Again, going to find a cool clasp to go with this one, probably in copper to set off the malachite.


  5. I love blues, and the shape of the jasper roses, so maybe something with the roses and the coral or sodalite? Maybe combining the coral with the blue agate, they seem from these photos like they’d work together. Or the sodalite with malachite, because blue and green together are also awesome. :D

    This may be too vague to be helpful, ahaha, sorry.

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