33 Days of Inspiration

33 Days of Inspiration: An Auto-Class for Writers

Need to rekindle your creative spark? Reconnect with your muse? Generate some new ideas? Get back to the story/book/narrative you put down when things got to be too much? I have the perfect balm for all of your woes: Writing Exercises!


I know the phrase ‘Writing Exercises’ gives some wordsmiths the hives. You’re probably thinking:

What’s the point?


I don’t need to waste my time exercising, I need to get words on the page!

Hear me out. Don’t think of writing exercises as wasted time or words, think of them as research projects into your own creative mind. They help you dig down through the layers of what makes your characters who they are and what’s going on in your world beyond what’s needed for the plot or story. Exploring all that through exploring and playing around with craft makes for richer prose and narratives.

Prompts and exercises are especially useful for writers in a slump or who constantly feel blocked due to stress, uncertainty, or just not wanting to write due to to the state of the world. There are a ton of us. You’re not alone.

If you’re ready to try and get back to writing, these short, low pressure writing prompts and exercises can help.

You’ll start with fun, game-esque generative prompts designed to put you in a playful mindset and maybe plant some story seeds. If you already have stories or novels or other works in progress, you can use these exercises to kick your brain into creative gear without pressure.

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