An Investigator in Ravenloft

Awards Eligibility 2022

I’m quite late in doing one of these posts because I’ve been recovering from Egypt and also focusing on book stuff. (OMG I have book stuff, so excite!)

I did do a thing last year that I think deserves award consideration: Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

I’m one of several contributors to this, and so we’d all be included in a group nomination for the book. It’s eligible for the Nebula in the Game Writing category and for the Hugo in the Best Related Work category.

I hope you’ll consider adding the book to your ballot because the team did an AMAZING job on every aspect of the book, including being inclusive. I mean, just look at that character above. That’s me except it’s not me but she looks just like me and she’s an example of a type of character and I feel seen. :)