For several years now I have said that I don’t watch television. This is sort of true and sort of not.  For a long time I did not have cable television in the apartment and over-the-air reception in NYC isn’t even worth the tin foil.  I did watch some television shows. I just downloaded or streamed them.  Far fewer than my average when I had cable, probably fewer than the average American.  I’m pretty proud of that, as I tend to be a crazy person when there is a TV around.  I just watch and watch, even if there is nothing on.

When the boys moved in, they wanted to get cable (mainly because the DSL was not cutting it) so when the guy came he ran a coax for television into their room only.  I would pop in there sometimes to watch something, mostly with the two of them.  I only have two live TV weaknesses: Murder, She Wrote and The Golden Girls.  They have tended to come on around the same time in the past few years.  Now Hallmark channel shows 1 hour of MSW and then 2 hours of GG starting at 11.  How do I know this?  Did I mention my roommates moved out?

When I’m a little down I indulge in my TV weaknesses.  For the past several weeks I have been watching a LOT of Golden Girls.  (Unemployment is… exciting?) I love that show. And it made me sad to think that Estelle Getty was no longer around. No full reunions!  And today we learned that Bea Arthur is gone now, too.

I think I will give myself one more week of staying up until 2am watching Golden Girls.

Thanks for making me laugh every night, Bea! You were always my favorite.

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  1. To me, she’ll always be ultra-liberal Maude. I thought she was great.

    (I was a bit distresed by a local newcast’s exploitation of her passing. NBC showed footage of her, Betty White and Rue McClanahan, with the anchor pronouncing: “Golden Girl dead. Story after this break.” This left viewers wondering which of the three women had died. And the story, btw, was not directly after the break, but about 10 minutes later near the end of the broadcast.)

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