Another “Until Forgiveness Comes” Ping

Another "Until Forgiveness Comes" Ping

“Perhaps I’m a little weird in that the facts of the story—a terrorist attack and the discourse over how it should be remembered—pale in comparison to my interest in the form of the story. Bradford has an excellent grasp of the rhythm of an NPR segment (down to the reporter, with a name suspiciously and whimsically similar to the “musical” Sylvia Poggioli), to the point where I could easily hear the ever-present, but rarely informitive ambient sound that would accompany the piece. Made me tear up at work, which makes it memorable.”


3 thoughts on “Another “Until Forgiveness Comes” Ping

  1. Has this been podcast yet? It occurs to me that given the format, it would be a great story for Escape Pod, particularly if they could get multiple voice actors to portray the characters who are quoted. Or, heck, even a proper radio drama, with sound effects and background noises and the like.

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